The “Green Goddess” Morning Juice Smoothie for Kids

Created by Grace Jagessar


One green apple 

Half a cucumber

½ a cup of kale 

½ a cup of orange juice 

How to Make the Smoothie

First, you need to chop your green apple and put it in the blender/juicer. Next, get your half of a cucumber and chop it into medium sized slices then slide your slices in. Grab your ½ a cup and measure it out with some kale. Then, put it in your juice Green Goddess! You can add your own little twist if you want to, just keep it fresh and healthy!

The Importance of Family

Free Verse Poem by Alexa Cardenas

A family sitting down together, laughing and catching up with each other. They are spending time with each other in the living room on the brown couch while the delicious smell of lentejas and smoked pork are slowly cooking and filling the entire house.  

My little brother is as playful as a baby monkey, 

My mom is as sweet as honey, 

My dad is as funny as a clown,


Goofing around, 

Watching movies,

 It’s something we haven’t done in a while. The pandemic has showed us that family time is important and it’s something very precious. Family is something that not everyone has, but everyone deserves and family doesn’t live forever, so it should be something you care about because everyone doesn’t have a family. 

Have you ever talked to your family about how you feel?

Have you ever put stuff aside to spend time with your family? 

Do you think your family is important? 


Are you being a bully? If so, you need to know the affect it has on others and the consequences you will face.

Written by Monica Rodriguez

How does bullying affect another student’s life?

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 31% percent of all students are bullied and 64% will not report it. Did you know bullying can affect anyone’s mental health to anyone that been bullied or Is being bullied. Here are some things of than can happen to a kid’s mental health as a result. People can get anxiety, depression, and their self esteem can plummet. Some kids have thoughts that can even lead them to suicide. Being bullied in middle school feels like the whole world is on you bugging you every single day relentlessly. It is not a good feeling. It’s very traumatic and stressful and it doesn’t sit very well in stomach either. Students who are being bullied don’t speak up to an adult because they think that if they tell an adult the bullying will become worse.

What makes a bully want to be a bully?

I think what make’s a bully want to bully a student is maybe the bully has personal problems or maybe they have been bullied too so they take there emotions out on other people by bringing other people down.  For example, I was bullied in 3rd grade because that person was having problems with their parents so they took there emotions out on me by bringing me down because I was new in the school.

What should schools do to make sure that bully prevention is successful?

Both teachers and students should be vigilant and really look out for bullying, like I did when I was a patrol person in 5th grade and I always looked out for bullying in the school. Lastly, they should make sure kids talk to adults if they are getting bullied.

What powerful message can you give a potential bully who reads this blog?

Hey, if you’re a bully reading this blog  right now please stop and take a moment to read this entire paragraph. If you have personal stuff happening at home please don’t take it out on another kid, or anybody. It doesn’t matter if they are a different race, culture, have a disability, or because of their body. Everybody deserves to be treated equally. Everybody is different, but everyone is also the same because we are all human beings. Remember bulling can get you arrested or placed in a juvenile detention or worse prison! It can lead into legal problems and you might have a criminal record for the rest of your life. So please don’t bully people. Imagine yourself getting bullied – you wouldn’t like it. Its not fair for you to harass someone that is a good person and doesn’t do anything to you. If you feel like you are angry talk to a teacher or any school staff to stop yourself from lashing out at someone who is innocent. You have to reach out and get some help,

Ms. Aguilar, The Winner of MSMS ‘Best Teacher of the Year’ Gives an Exclusive Interview about Her Life!

Interviewed by Grace G. Jagessar

Ms. Aguilar, who was voted Best Teacher of the Year has given us an exclusive interview  and here is what we had the privilege to learn about her! 

Ms. Aguilar was born and raised in Hialeah, Florida. Her favorite color is baby blue. She enjoys eating seafood like shrimp and sushi. When it comes to music, she really loves 80’s music and is a huge fan of the band Duran Duran. Her favorite kind of dance is Salsa dancing, and her favorite pair of shoes are black and silver heels. In addition to her love of music, some of her other hobbies are traveling, walking, and spending time with her dogs, Claudia and Georgina. Ms. Aguilar shared that her some of her favorite places that she loves to visit here in the United States are all the Disney parks and an amusement park called Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. She highlighted that her ultimate dream trip will be to England in the year 2022! 

As a Social Studies teacher, she shared that the secret to her success is her teaching style, which is to use “out of the box ideas and games.” She said that this school year she was scared at first to come back, but she still likes being here and seeing the kids. Most of all she feels honored and humbled to have won Teacher of the Year at MSMS. When she was asked about how the present circumstances of the Covid pandemic affects her teaching during the day she replied that her glasses fog up whenever she wears them with the face mask but insisted that she wants to do whatever it takes to be safe. 

At the end of the interview when Ms. Aguilar was asked, “If you could go back in time and give your younger self advice, what would it be?”, Ms. Aguilar responded, “Not everyone is going to like you, so stop seeking everyone’s approval. Love yourself, be courageous and follow your dreams! And travel the world!” This profound advice was just a small glimpse into her wisdom and insight that she most likely passes on to her students! It is no wonder she won Teacher of the Year at Miami Springs Middle School!  

Thank you, Ms. Aguilar, for sharing about your life and for all your years as a dedicated and dynamic teacher! 

Can Artificial Intelligence Robots Help Students Who Are Learning Online?

Written by Jaysen A. Chavez

What are AI Teachers?

AI Teachers are Artificial Intelligence robot that are like teaching assistants and they might be built in the future to answer student’s questions and help the class in general. They can be fed lots of information and facts to help students who are learning online.

How exactly can they be helpful to the students learning remotely?

AI robot teacher assistants can be helpful to us as students learning remotely by answering our questions about math and reading, telling us what we need to be working on, helping us to find a way to do something, and more. They will benefit our future years as scholars!

How Artificial Intelligence robots be helpful to the teachers who must teach online?

AI-robots can also be helpful to teachers during difficult times throughout the day. While teachers are busy teaching the entire class online, the AI teaching robots can be giving extra help to the students who still don’t understand the lesson or have additional questions. That would take a lot of stress away from the teachers especially now during Covid-19 pandemic.

Mr. Castillo, Best ‘Rookie Teacher of the Year’ Shares about His Life and Career

Interviewed by Silay’jay Hills

Mr. Castillo won the “Rookie Teacher of the Year’ award for his dedication and hard work as a Science Teacher at MSMS. Everyone who knows Mr. Castillo, knows that he a friendly, warm, teacher who is always ready to help someone out. All the students here love him! In an interview done by 6th Grader, Silay’jah Hills, Mr. Castillo shared a little bit about his life and career.

Mr. Castillo grew up in Miami then moved to Doral when he was seven years old. . His favorite foods to eat are ramen, but he prefers the fancy ramen known as Tonkotsu ramen. His hobbies are playing video games, taking his dogs to the park, and building things. Mr. Castillo said that he likes to visit different places and gets bored of seeing the same thing. His favorite kind of music to listen to is chill Hip-Hop, but he said he doesn’t like to dance at all.

Mr. Castillo attended Florida International University (FIU) and expressed that he was inspired to become a teacher because he has a lot of family in the field of education from his mom to his grandmother and his sister who unfortunately passed away. He said that another career he considered besides teaching was engineering.

I asked Mr. Castillo that if he could go back in time and give his younger self some advice, what would it be? He said that he would tell his younger self, “Don’t stress. It’ll all be ok.” This is not surprising considering how cool, calm and collected he always seems to be when we see him walking around on campus at Miami Springs Middle School.

Thank you Mr. Castillo for sharing about yourself and for being a wonderful teacher!

How to Become an Organized and Stress-Free Student in Middle School

Written by Alexa Cardenas

Going to school physically might be challenging these days for some students because of wearing face masks 24/7 and keeping up with social distancing and it’s understandable. Balancing homework can also add to that challenge and stress you out in middle school. It is not always easy doing work all the time, so here are some things you can do to have a stress-free year at Miami Springs Middle School.  

Start out your day by waking up a little early and eating a healthy breakfast and get ready to go to school. 

Try to get certain things out of the way like packing your lunch the night before and getting your clothes ready for the next morning as well.  Make sure you have all your supplies that you’ll would need for the odd day and even day classes, including a fully charged laptop.

To prepare yourself mentally for the day, make sure to think about what you feel motivated to accomplish that day.  

For schoolwork, you can do whatever is due the soonest and make sure you are focused, organized, and stay on track to get schoolwork done.  You can also spread your work out evenly each day, so you don’t feel like you have too much work to do and it doesn’t make you drained or make you feel worried about getting it done all in one day.  

And it’s never a bad thing to take a break from the world, everyone needs some time to themselves. You can always step back from all the work and breathe; we are all human and need some time to focus on our feelings and that’s okay.  You can also stop what you’re doing to go on a walk to clear your mind of things that are making you anxious and return to finish your work later once you feel better.

Great New Year’s Resolution Idea for Middle School Kids to Consider for 2021

Try a new hobby!
Try to socialize and make new friends!

Start being a positive role model to younger siblings

Written by Kayla Riveron

We all have our New Year goals as we all hear “Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right!” As a kid I think that the one idea is we should have for our New Year resolution is that we should strive to learn something new so we can improve and develop ourselves and our talents. Maybe you can learn a new hobby or even a new subject for school that you need to improve on.

The second great idea for a New Year resolution is to improve the way you act towards others. Maybe you aren’t that type of person to socialize with others. You can look at your friendships you have with others and perhaps show a little more love or check up on the person. You can even send a little text message or phone call and make a big difference in the life of another human being.

A third and wonderful resolution idea is that you should learn how to be a role model to younger students or siblings by making smart decisions or helping someone by maybe saying “no to drugs “or “no to smoking. Because if you show somebody else the smart decision your making can have a big impact on their lives so that one day they will follow in your footsteps and be a role model to try to help others.

All three of these resolution ideas for the 2021 new year can change your life and another person’s life profoundly and help you to become your best self!